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Our generation, and those that follow, need affordable and viable housing. Construction processes must become more efficient, simpler and more cost-effective.

Through our leading-edge technology and design philosophy, Alto Australia is industrialising construction. We deliver:

  • high-quality

  • high volumetric

  • multi-story modular systems that minimise build time, environmental impact and cost.

Alto Australia. Leading elevation.

To achieve a sustainable future, the world of construction must change.
We are forging that change through disruptive innovation.


Our clients are organisations that want to set a new benchmark in the construction industry. Companies that are mindful of their environmental footprint and want to achieve greater time and cost efficiencies. We work with development, building and manufacturing firms that are driving the future of building practice.

We work with people who understand that innovative, pre-fabricated building solutions provide a market-leading positioning advantage to them and their clients.


Alto Australia provides exceptional value and guaranteed, results-driven solutions – today, tomorrow and into the future.

We are revolutionising our industry, working with visionary companies who share our commitment to industrialising construction. We are dedicated to simplifying complex processes while ensuring safety, precision and sustainability.

We have delivered more than 20,000 modular rooms over the past two decades, giving us a wealth of internationally-respected expertise. Through our innovative, patent-pending modular designs we deliver beautiful, cost-effective, Australian-compliant solutions for buildings up to 25 floors high (10 floors in New Zealand).

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