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We make life less complicated for developers, builders and manufacturers.

Our innovative, volumetric modular building systems maximise efficiencies through prefabrication and off-site manufacturing, using local and/or offshore sourced companies.


You need professional help to maximise your outputs and generate an earlier return on your investment. Our collaborative approach delivers efficient strategy and design developments, better cost control and tighter project timeframes.

You get:

  • Detailed insights into your options and the benefits of pre-fabricated building solutions

  • Help to understand the scope of works fully

  • Pre-feasibility analysis and cost benefit investigations to provide a concise evaluation of the Alto Australia modularised system vs traditional build options

  • Logistical and onsite construction evaluations

  • Tailored advice on best-for-project solutions


With our unique, patent-pending design we can develop versatile multi-storey modular solutions up to 25 floors high in Australia, and 10 floors in NZ.

Your project team can move forward with confidence with Alto Australia. Your designers, engineers and architects will work closely with us to ensure designs are fully certified to local building codes and standards. You benefit from a leaner design process and less documentation, with no compromise on beauty or functionality.


Our project engineers will be involved at all stages of the construction program, to ensure smooth and timely project delivery.

Throughout the process we will support you with continual advisory services, design and project management teams, factory and site supervisors, quality assurance systems and logistics management specialists.